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Participation percentage of the Government of Aragon
The Pirineos-Pyrénées EGTC comprises Spain’s Autonomous Community of Aragon and Provincial Council of Huesca and France’s Departments of Hautes-Pyrénées and Pyrénées-Atlantiques.
Participation of the Autonomous Community of Aragon: 25%.

C/ Levante, 10, 22700 – Jaca (Huesca)

974 51 80 73


As set out in its statutes, the aim of the Pirineos-Pyrénées EGTC is to undertake and manage, with a view to sustainable development, territorial cooperation actions and projects approved by its members (in their areas of competence) to boost economic and social cohesion.

To achieve that goal, the EGTC has the following functions: 

  1. a) Promote the central Pyrenees as an international tourist destination under the name Pyrenees, including marketing;
    b) Develop a rational and innovative integration of local and tourist mobility;
    c) Promote development of Pyrenean and respective foothill areas within the framework of a territorial project that integrates sustainable management of its cross-border communication infrastructures;
    d) Commit to the development of mountain territories, assuming current challenges: maintaining population and adapting to ongoing climatic, economic and social changes;
    e) Involve local entities, associations and economic and social actors with cooperation and development projects in the territories.

List of Positions

  • Director of Cross-border Infrastructures: Andrés Olloqui Martín
  • Techical Assistant for Administration/Finance: Erika Pache Baquero
  • Coordinator of Projects: Santiago Fábregas Reigosa


Administrative Body: ASSEMBLY

President: Michel Pélieu (Departmental Council 65)

Vice Presidents:
José Luis Soro Domingo (Government of Aragon)
Miguel Gracia Ferrer (Provincial Council of Huesca)
Clément Servat (Departmental Council 64)
Maryse Beyrié (Departmental Council 65) 

 Secretary: Erika Pache Baquero

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